A woman’s Role

A woman’s Role

“Common people are often enough; that is why God made so many of them. Your job is to be— EXTRAORDINARY.”― Shannon L. Alder

My stepmother, cousin, and stepsisters returned this evening and the place was overflowing with people, it seems everyone crawled out of their respective dwellings to come and welcome them.  I have been trying to work out how many people actually live here but I have today accepted defeat.  Every day there is a new face, I don’t know if they are just visiting or if they actually live here, on the last count I had got to about thirteen.

The young girls think I am strange, today Jane(she’s around thirteen) said I sleep too much and Pat (who is eleven) is constantly telling me to go eat. Anna calls me muzungu because I only speak  English.  Everyone here speaks Lunyankole or Luganda.  I am Luo and can just about understand Luganda, I haven’t a clue when it comes to Lunyankole.

Dickens who works for the Uganda Peoples Defence force, aka the army is the most concerned of all.  Last night he asked if I was married and had kids.  When I answered in the negative to both he could not quite believe it.  He cannot understand how/why an educated woman with a job and money (he assumes I have money) from London is not married.

When I told him that I was not bothered whether or not I had kids he nearly fell off his chair.  Apparently, it’s every woman’s duty to have children so it’s an abomination to even think of not having one.   He kept saying “Jacquie from London, with a job and no husband, no kids, uh huh this is serious” over and over and over.

My little nephew is possibly the only person who does not think me strange.  I spent the day reading to him (well trying to) and playing his version of tennis.  I don’t know when everyone will stop thinking that I am strange and accept that I see life through a different lens.

One thought on “A woman’s Role

  1. My friend this is indeed serious o! In fact it is most serious indeed!!
    Loved the article (if that’s what they are called on a blog). Insightful and concise. Great pictures on your blog too.
    You need to get back in the saddle as your original voice needs to be heard.

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