A night out in Lira Town

A night out in Lira Town

“No one looks back on their life and remembers the nights they got plenty of sleep “- Unknown

There is not much happening in Lira for me and given that I don’t know anyone, my social life is non-existent.  There are “pubs” or drinking establishments aplenty, but there are only two clubs.  Last week I went to the one in a hotel in Lira with the old man. Yes, I know! I can’t believe that I went clubbing with my father too. The night is called corporate night but it seems every Tom, Dick and Harry attends there. There were people of all ages and from all walks of life, not just professional folk from various corporations as the name might suggest.

The ladies were very conservatively dressed. In a country where people are campaigning to save the miniskirt, it was not really surprising. High heels, apparently, are not in fashion in Lira either as I only spotted two ladies not wearing flats.  The men were looking rather scruffy in their jeans and T-shirts most of them donated by NGOs or bought second hand.  I think I spotted a guy wearing a uniform from one of the UK high street banks, but for the life of me could not remember which one.

The music was old school. Early 80’s stuff with a mixture of pop and Afro vibes. The men took to the dance floor first, something I’m not used to seeing. They were break-dancing and doing some fancy moves that made my bones ache from just watching. I hoped there’d be no blood on the dance floor.

Neither the old man nor I ventured onto the dance floor.  Apparently, he comes once a month and just sits at a table nursing his (soft) drink and watching.  Sometimes he bumps into friends or family and they keep him company.  We spent the evening quietly beholding the spectacle unfold on the dance floor but once it had become too crowded we finished our drinks and took our leave.

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